Welcome to AES, a leading company in sustainable energy production.

We are proud to be collaborating with capacura, a renowned impact investor, and thus underline our commitment
to a cleaner future. At AES, we rely on innovative technologies and solutions to make renewable energy more efficient and cost-effective.

We are always looking for new partnerships, collaborations, and investors to promote our growth and achieve our goal of sustainable energy supply. We cordially invite you to join our mission and together shape a cleaner future.


Invest now starting from €1,000 and secure your participation in our economic successes.

capacura is Europe’s most innovative early-stage impact startup investor and, in addition to us, is involved with over 20 other impact startups in the fields of education, health, and environment. Capacura aims to involve not only institutional investors in the economic successes of early-stage startups, but also offers ethical and responsible investments in startups starting from €1,000 to our investors.

This means for you: simple investments to support new, exciting, and ethically responsible startups, to benefit from their economic successes, and to participate in significant changes with small amounts.

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