Technology that works for you and the environment at the same time:
The AES FLUKS plant series

Up to 75% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional thermal treatment.


The system produces nearly 90% of the electricity it needs itself and converts over 75% of the plastic to oil.


With savings of up to €150,000 per year, this is a green investment that pays for itself.


All-round service from AES guaranteed. Our service employees are on duty 24/7.


The AES FLUKS system comes in a 20-foot container. An oil tank is installed next to it.


The AES FLUKS plant turns your mixed plastic waste
(PE, PP, PET, POM, etc.) into a high quality oil directly on site.

1,000 kg/day of waste can be processed by the AES FLUKS plant series, which is fully automated. 

No disposal costs

The resulting oil is sold to refineries where it can be refined into new feedstock.

The AES FLUKS plant concept is fully customized to your needs. In several steps, we bring you to a more sustainable future with AES Solutions.

Thanks to the automated control of the plant, you don’t have to worry about anything.

We take care of predictive maintenance through our online analysis system. AES maintenance service (24/7) avoids downtime and repair costs.